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The Nashville Ice Storm of 1951

Ice Storms

The storm started on Monday January 29,1951 and ended on February 1. 

The weather started out with rain, and by midnight the temperatures had dropped down to freezing.  This change caused a mixture of freezing rain, sleet, and snow to fall.  A few days later five inches of snow and freezing rain fell, producing a water equivalent of 3.83 inches. This remains the greatest one-day precipitation event for January in Nashville's history.  On the last day of the storm, February 1, Nashville was burried with under 8 inches of ice and snow.  The water precipitation level totaled 5.94 inches. 

This storm caused complete shutdown of transportation in Nashville for two days.  Also it caused over 16,000 homes and 80,000 residents were without electricity, while over 2,000 telephones were out.   Many roofs collapsed from pressure of snow and rain, two people died in weather related car crashes,  dozens of others were hurt, and thousands of trees had to be removed from the roads.  This is one of the biggest winter storms in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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