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Ice Storm of 1998

Ice Storms

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     The Ice Storm of 1998 took place from January 5 through the 10th.  During these days freezing rain coated Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick with 7-11 cm (3-4 in) of ice.  The freezing rain caused many power outages, and trees and hydro wires falling.  Many utility poles and transmission towers were also down.  The ice storm covered from Kitchener, Ontario through Quebec to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, also covering parts of New York and New England.  There were more than 80 hours of freezing rain! 
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     The damage this storm caused was major, 28 people died of hypothermia, 945 people were killed, 600,000 people had to leave their homes, 130 power transmission towers were destroyed, more than 30,000 utility poles fell, millions of trees fell, and more continued to break and fall for the rest of the winter.  The estimated cost of the total damage of this storm was $5,410,184,000. 
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This map shows damage done in Quebec.


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